Probabilities of loss of winnings are subject to mathematical laws, in which there are several variables. They are considered to be a factor of luck. These variables may well be adaptive, that is, changing when certain conditions are met. Thus, adaptive mathematics in online casinos can be exactly the factor that supports the interest of the player and motivates him to replenish the account again and again. Let’s give an example of changing statistical data depending on the type of player:
According to the classification of players, it is likely that there is a relationship between the player’s total balance (positive or negative) from the beginning of the game in this online casino and the probability of a big win. Adaptive mathematics will affect the outcome of each game as follows:
The average player’s rate is 1 euro, and the balance for 100 games will be about 0. “Adaptive mathematics coefficient” will have a slight effect on the probability of a big win in slots.
The player plays a common bet of 1 euro and has a balance of +1000 euros from the moment of registration. The coefficient will significantly reduce the probability of a large win.
Adaptation model
Adaptive mathematics is a tuning model. It will change the probability of each outcome, seeking to fulfill the declared statistics of the percentages of payments of the selected game. Let’s try to figure out an example:
Suppose a player always plays in the slot Blood Suckers with a payout of 98%. The average bet of the player is 1 euro.
The player was lucky: after playing 1000 rounds (having made bets on 1000 euros), he earned 2000 euros. Thus, with a percentage of payments of 98%, the player should have left 980 euros (98% of 1000 euros), and in fact the balance is 3000 euros.
The coefficient of adaptive mathematics will tend to reduce the balance by 2020 euros (and bring it to the optimal value – 98%). At the same time with each new spin of this amount will be taken away 2% of the average player’s bet. Thus, there is an actual balance and a settlement balance corresponding to statistics.
It is very important to understand that the more spins you make; the more accurate statistics will be performed. Ultimately, by making a few million backs, you will get a clear declared percentage of 98% of all bets made.